GoVets Mobile: Please call 0402 141 413
In addition to the services offered by the veterinary hospital, GoVets Greenwood is proud to provide a mobile veterinary service. 
This service allows in home veterinary care for those who wish for their furry friends to be treated in the comfort of their own home. 

Services that can be provided at home by Dr. Nick include:
- Health checks and vaccinations. 
- Treatment of most minor medical issues 
- Minor surgical procedures such as small wound sutures and small lump removals
- Home euthanasia

There are some procedures and treatments where home care may not be appropriate. 
In these instances, referral to the base hospital or a local vet clinic will be advised. 

Please call GoVets Greenwood on 9247 3648 or Dr. Nick on 0402 141 413 to discuss a home visit for your pet!